“The winds that sometimes take something we love, are the same that bring us something we learn to love. Therefore, we should not cry about something that was taken from us, but, yes,  love what we have been given.  Because what is really ours is never gone forever.” 

Bob Marley

Children at funerals


Scattering of ashes


Dawn Dickson

Registered Marriage Celebrant

You can ring me direct  on 0412 613 853 or your funeral arranger will do that for you. All funeral homes have a list of accredited funeral celebrants. 

An active committee member of the Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants of Victoria, at the present time (2015) I am also the Secretary and Life Member of that association. I regularly attend professional development courses to improve my knowledge and skills.

What funeral home do I recommend?

As a freelance funeral celebrant I am available to work in any funeral home.  Most funeral companies have a list of celebrants contact numbers and they will contact me. But if you haven't contacted a funeral home yet, then feel free to ring me and I can assist you in making your choice.

I recommend the following companies:

Memorial services

David W Bull Funerals - Cranbourne, Pakenham, Drouin and  surrounding areas
Russell Brothers Funerals - Mentone and surrounding areas

Celebrant Melbourne Cranbourne Mornington Peninsular for all ceremonies

How to book me

What better tribute can you give your loved one than a personally prepared and unique civil funeral. I always visit the family home and spend considerable time learning about the loved one who has died. Then I prepare a personal eulogy which I endeavor to deliver with warmth, compassion and sincerity. There are no rules as far as preparing a funeral ceremony goes, we can adapt to most situations.

Grieving family members need encouragement to express their own views and ideas and I see my role as being the orchestrator of the event, the person who ensures that everyone's needs and feelings are taken care of.

I encourage the use of music and poetry to compliment my words. Family members are invited to pay their own tributes. If children are involved very careful consideration is given to their wishes, and they are encouraged to participate in whatever way they feel they can. Quite often balloons can be released or petals scattered.

Most funeral ceremonies include a photo tribute these days.  Usually 20 - 30 photos are sufficient,   in my experience too many photos takes away the impact that a carefully selected collage of 30 or so.  A favourite song plays in the background while the slide show runs.   Most of the reputable funeral companies provide this service for a fee, and it is better to have them do it for you.  Some families choose to prepare their own slide show.   

I will provide a nicely presented print copy of your ceremony,  and most funeral homes will provide a DVD of the service. 


These services are often held to allow friends and family members to pay respects to their loved ones who may have died overseas or interstate. These are very emotional and moving ceremonies. Fee is by arrangement with me.

Sometimes I am called upon a few weeks after a funeral ceremony to assist the family to scatter ashes or place them in the ground. A small brief ceremony is usually held.

Throughout childhood we teach children to say 'goodbye' properly, so it follows that a child who is prevented from joining with the family in making their last farewell to a loved one, may feel unfairly excluded or shut out. Children require special consideration if they are to understand that a loved one has died, and they need to learn how to cope with loss. Children also need to understand the reason for, and be able to cope with, not only their only feelings but also of those adults around them. So we do encourage people to bring children to funerals these days provided of course, that the child wants to be there.